Summary of Controlled Environment for horses receiving Thermal Imaging


A Brazilian research team confirmed the best, controlled environment for horse imaging. (, 12/14/2015)


For horses, diagnostic imaging by infrared thermography is becoming a reliable tool. As it is non-invasive and emits no radiation, there is no harm presented to the horse. The measurement of surface temperature of the animal by its heat emission helps identify lesions not visible by physical exam, showing injuries of increased blood flow, metabolic activity that is increased, and changes of local circulation due to inflammation.


A study established that the ideal time for a horse to remain inside a temperature controlled room of 21 degrees celcius is 30 minutes before its appointed imaging time. One hour and one and half hours did not make a better difference to wait.


There was a proven difference in the imaging exams of the thoracic, lumbar, and pelvic regions of 15 healthy horses inside vs outside the temperature controlled room. And the best Thermal Imaging pics occurred inside the controlled temperature room with a 30 min waiting/ rest time.


Summary by Sherry Cummings, CCT