Sherry Cummings Owner of Essence of Pure Living


Sherry A. Cummings, Owner


Sherry Cummings, Owner of Essence of Pure Living

Sherry became a registered nurse in 1981 and began working in Critical Care and Home Health Care through Community Nursing. She went on to complete her BSN in Buffalo, NY and worked in hospice care at a local Cancer Respite Center. She later moved to the State College area and started her family. Although she enjoyed her work in nursing and hospice care, she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom to raise her 5 children.

When her children were suffering from allergies and asthma growing up and were finding no relief from traditional care, Sherry started to read more about alternative healthcare and felt connected with what she was learning. She explored options to assist in alleviating her children’s symptoms, and found relief through Chiropractic care and Melalueca cleaning products. Sherry also went through her own personal struggles with Hypothyroidism, which resulted in the need of thyroid medicine. Her study of the thyroid and natural supplementation, plus her research into bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, led her to connect with a D.O. in 2003, who was not only a great medical Dr. but one who incorporated alternative therapies into healing. The desire to learn and finding amazing healing tools in Alternative Therapies led Sherry to continue her education in Massage Therapy, Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Thermography, and Far Infrared Therapy through the Richway Biomat.

Sherry has been studying essential oils since she started using them in 2003. Her sister used them to alleviate tumoral symptoms in her dog, and through the diffusion of Frankincense, Lavender, and Cedarwood, she had an upper respiratory healing from chronic mold exposure. Her sister experienced a complete end to her coughing and related upper respiratory symptoms within the first month of use. Since then, Sherry began to use therapeutic grade essential oils and has helped many others learn about their health through the use of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. After taking a CARE class in 2008 on Bible Oils, Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, Raindrop Technique, and Emotional Releasing with Essential Oils, Sherry knew she wanted to be an Instructor one day. She now travels to several states to teach and earned her CARE Supervisor Certification in 2014. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, she incorporates a variety of valuable body relaxation and balancing modalities. Her specialized techniques in Raindrop and Vibrational Raindrop Therapy have become a favorite of both Sherry and her clients. These therapies guide the body to finding it’s natural balance of peace and wellness.

In 2012, while Sherry was studying Animal Aromatherapy in Texas with Escent-Oil Balance, she was introduced to information about Thermography as an assessment tool and it’s potential for early detection of breast pathology. Learning about the variety of assessment and monitoring benefits, she went on to get her certification as a Clinical Thermographer in order to offer this valuable tool to others. Having compassion for animals, Sherry decided it wasn’t enough to offer Thermography to people, but trained in 2015 to become an Equine and CanineThermographer, offering thermal imaging services to horses and dogs as well.

Essence of Pure Living and Your Thermal Imaging were born of the desire to help others, where Sherry focuses on helping individuals heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Your Thermal Imaging became Wholistic Thermography in 2015 to accommodate our fur and hair-covered friends. She has off-site locations for imaging animals.




Health & Wellness Specialties:

Thermography identifies areas of inflammation within the body due to physiological changes from illness, disease, and compromised areas of the body, and helps monitor healing processes.

Massage services are provided to assist in reducing muscle tension and pain relief, improve lymphatic, digestive and immune function, and promote relaxation.  Raindrop and Vibrational Raindrop Techniques are favorites of Sherry's.

Use of therapeutic grade essential oils and Biomat therapies to assist in activating the body’s natural healing abilities, creating wellness and balance at the cellular level, are part of the everyday therapies offered by EPL.


Treatment Approach:

Therapy is individualized based on one’s needs and allows an integrative approach that will assist one in gaining a healthy and balanced self.  Treatment focuses on healing and prevention to amplify our bodies natural healing abilities, improve the body systems' functioning, and bring a state of peace and calming.



Sherry loves getting lost in a book from her large collection.  She enjoys the beauty of the woods and taking  walks with her two black labs.  Getting her hands dirty planting and playing in her gardens helps her find relaxation and peacefulness.  She enjoys playing board games with her family and she loves her Mahjong group. Sherry’s secret pleasure is dancing and singing, which she enjoys when no one is around.



Equine Thermographer, Meditherm 2015

Certified Vibrational Raindrop Technique Coach Natural Therapies Certification Board, 2015

Fully Certified CARE Instructor, Teaching Certification 2012, Supervising Certification 2014

Certified Clinical Thermographer, Meditherm 2012

Licensed Spiritual Healer, Natural Therapies Certification Board 2012

Board Certified Raindrop Specialist, Natural Therapies Certification Board 2012

Licensed Massage Therapist, Mt Nittany Institute of Natural Health 2010

NCBTMB certified 2010

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Daemen College 1986

RN, Conemaugh Memorial Hospital School of Nursing 1981



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