The following images show you the thermal camera pics
we take for a Full Body Equine appointment. 

(Regions are available as well for appointment.)


Full Real

Full Thermal

Head Real

Head Thermal

Neck Real

Neck Thermal

Shoulder Real

Shoulder Thermal

Trunk Real

Trunk Thermal

Quarters Real

Quarters Thermal

Front Legs Anterior-Upper Real

Front Legs Anterior-Upper Thermal

Front Legs Anterior-Lower

Front Legs Anterior-Lower

Front Legs Lateral Real

Front Legs Lateral Thermal

Rear Legs Lateral Real

Rear Legs Lateral Thermal

Posterior Real

Posterior Thermal

Saddle Fit Real

Saddle Fit Thermal

Saddle Real

Saddle Thermal

Feet Plantar Real

Feet Plantar Thermal