Wholistic Thermography is a Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging business in the

Northeast using medical grade FDA registered screening equipment for medical &

veterinary applications.

State College Health and wellness professional Sherry Cummings
Sherry Cummings
 Certified Clinical Thermographer
Bachelor Science in Nursing

"Mission Statement"

"At Wholistic Thermography in PA, our mission is to provide value to each of our clients by creating a comfortable and individualized experience.  We are committed to excellence as we gain the insight needed to move our clients (2 legged & 4 legged) forward in wellness and healthcare strategies that are important for healing.

This Thermography business was founded in 2013 as Your Thermal Imaging by Sherry Cummings.  As a nurse & wellness provider she saw a missing link in the breast care industry and in the clear assessment of pain, inflammation, and early detection of many physiological conditions including breast cancer.  She changed the name to Wholistic Thermography when she added equine and canine Thermal Imaging services in 2015.  Her personal encouragement is that any woman, man, child, pet or Equine companion can have an affordable, concise and safe assessment tool to aid their healing and care."

-Sherry Cummings




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